About Us

Hi Everyone

Im Natalie (aka Nat Lynn), that’s me with my big pregnant belly in my undies at the top of the screen, hehe. I am a 37 year old mother of 2, wife of 1 and “girlboss” of 4 fabulous women who live and breathe Wedding and Portrait Photography.

I started as a photographer when I worked as a model many moons ago. At the time my career focused on fashion and advertising and my favourite part of photography was teaching inexperienced models how to “work it” in front of the camera and watching their confidence blossom in front of my eyes.

Milque was born a few years later when my husband Dean & I got engaged which was the perfect transition because I still love showing people how to relax in front of the camera so I can capture their true beauty.


As Milque grew so did our premises and we now own a 3 level Victorian Terrace Studio in the heart of Brisbane along with a team of fabulous photographers who all share my passion for capturing beautiful moments on a wedding day for couples and for families in portrait photography.

After a few years Milque grew even more and so did my belly grew even more and Dean and I created 2 little lives, Atlas (3) & Pearl (1) who fill our hearts completely with so much joy.  This new chapter in our life then began our love of capturing real family moments in the most beautiful way.

Don’t ask us what is next for Milque because we never have any idea whats around the corner (each step has just seemed to fall into place itself) so right now we love what Milque is doing and that keeps us in a very happy place and we hope to share some of that happiness with you and your families soon.